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Somali Islamist Group Kills Christians, Spares Muslims

Al Shabaab attack Wajir bus, kill eight passengers
Militants flagged down Medina bus and ordered everyone out before separating the passengers.
In Summary
• The militants separated the passengers into two groups [locals and non-locals].

• It is at this point that they shot dead the eight nonlocals before ordering the other passengers to get on the bus and proceed with the journey.

The bus which was attacked on December 6, 2019.
The bus which was attacked on December 6, 2019.
Eight nonlocals were killed on Friday after suspected al Shabaab militants attacked a bus between Kotulo and Wargadud in Tarbaj subcounty, Wajir county.

The militants, whose number is yet to established, are said to have flagged down a Medina bus en route to Mandera at 5 pm and proceeded to order everyone out before separating the passengers into two groups [locals and non-locals].

It is at this point that they shot dead the eight nonlocals before ordering the other passengers to get on the bus and proceed with the journey.

Initial reports had it that three nonlocals escaped, but speaking to the Star on the phone, Northeastern regional commissioner Mohamed Birik said that all the nonlocals on the bus were killed.

“Yes, I can confirm that the attack indeed occurred and we lost eight innocent lives of Kenyans. It is unfortunate that al Shabaab has perfected the art of killing innocent souls. It is devilish and sad that their thirst for the blood of innocent Kenyans persists," he said.

Birik continued, "As a government, we will never relent. We will go for them and smoke them out of their hideouts. Our resolve to completely eliminate this region of these heartless people is never in doubt.”

Birik said that security officers led by special forces have been deployed on the ground and are conducting both ground and aerial surveillance as they pursue the militants who are said to have fled back to neighbouring Somalia on foot.

“In the meantime, all the three county commissioners and the entire intelligence committees are under a directive to ensure that suitable measures are put in place to ensure that the lives of Kenyans are protected including providing escort to the buses that ply Mandera and Wajir route. I have already communed the same with them,” he said.

The incident was strongly condemned by a cross-section of leaders from both Wajir and Mandera.

Lafey MP Abdi Mude speaking to the star on phone regretted that the lives of innocent Kenyans were once again being lost in the hands of the militants.

"On behalf of the leadership of Mandera I wish to condemn in no uncertain terms the unfortunate and heinous act of killing innocent Kenyans. The government must come out clean to explain why such buses are not accorded escort as the area is vulnerable and within reach of the terrorists .the government must take full responsibly to save the lives of those innocent Kenyans,” he said.

Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi while also condemning the incident urged the national government to be proactive in matters security ’and not to wait for such incidences to happen before acting’.

“I want to appeal to our security apparatus to remain proactive and on alert at all times. we cannot be loosing live in the hands of the militants in this day and age,” he said. The attack comes barely a month after Al-Shaabab militia attacked Dadajabula Police Station in Wajir in an attempt to free two terrorists who were being held at the station.

Source: The Star
07 December 2019

Thursday, August 08, 2019


Sheikh Hasaan Husein, a Nairobi based prominent Muslim preacher, shared a sermon in a local mosque in Nairobi that "starving Muslims can slaughter, fry, and then eat apostates." The Sheik quotes a hadith by Prophet Muhammed, "an apostate has no dignity." [Murtad la hurma.] 

Sheekh Xassaan Xusen oo sheegay in ay Muslimiinta aad u gaajoonaysaa u banaan tahay in qashaan, shiilaan, kadibna cunaan murtadiinta. Sheekha ayaa soo xigtay xadiith oranaya "murtadku xurmo malahan" (murtad la xurma.)

"Islaanti maxaad ku ogayd," ayuu nin waydiiyay nin kale. Wuxuu ku jawabaay, "indho la'aan." "Dad cunidna way ku darsatay," ayuu u raaciyay! Islaamka haddii dhiig daadin badan caan ku ahaa, iminka wuxuu ku darsaday dad cunid!

Soomaalida hilibka dadka cuna loogama akhriyeenn masaajidda haddii ay raaci lahaayeen Sayid Ciise Masiix! Soomaaliyeey liibaan waxaa idinkugu horaysa in aad usoo hoyataan Amiirka Nabadda, Sayid Ciise Masiix. 

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

A High Profile Somali Christian Passes Away in Mogadishu

A prominent Somali Christian passed away in Mogadishu on 19 April 2019. Abdullahi Mohamed Sheegow, 84, came to the Lord in Nairobi in the early 1960s and graduated from Scott Theological College in Nairobi, Kenya. Sheegow was a contemporary of a high profile group of Somali Christians who received Biblical training in 1960s-1970s in including Adan Jim’ale Faarah, Ali Ibrahim, Abdulkadir Mursal, among others. Sheegow, one of the most high-profile Somali Christians in Mogadishu, kept a very low profile since the collapse of Somali’s central government in 1991.
Sheegow served as chief of staff for Samaritan’s Purse International from 1993-1994; Sheegow was also an active member of various Somali house-churches in Mogadishu until he stopped attending church almost two years ago for poor health and the worsening security situation in the capital. Both Muslims and Christians well loved Sheegow who lacked the traditional Somali clan protection (he was from a minority clan). Sheegow’s many Muslim friends in Mogadishu protected him from many harms since 1991. Sheegow told SFJ in 2015 that he feels safe in Mogadishu because of his many well-connected Muslim friends.

The Somali church lost one of its spiritual giants, and the country lost a respected media expert, journalist and broadcaster. 

Somali Media Association released this press release after his passing:

SOMA Mourns the Death of Veteran Journalist in Mogadishu

Mogadishu, Friday, April 20, 2019:The Somali Media Association (SOMA) mourns the loss of the veteran journalist Abdullahi Mohamed Sheegow who has passed away and buried in Mogadishu on Friday April 19, 2019. 
Late Abdullahi Mohamed Sheegow was one of the most famous Somali journalists joining the Ministry of Information and holding various positions such as the head of Radio Mogadishu, Head of Radio Hargiesa, Director of Somalia National News Agency (SONNA) and the Director General of the Ministry of Information.
The Somali Media Association (SOMA) sends its sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of late Abdullahi Mohamed Sheegow.

A brief glance of his biography, late Abdullah Mohamed Sheegow was born in Galkacyo district in 1935, educated in private school from 1956 to 1961, then, went to Kenya for further education in between 1962 to 1965.
Thereafter, he has attended media course in Germany in 1967 to 1968, studied politics in the Soviet Union in between 1972 to 1973, graduated from SIMAD Institute in 1981 to 1982 and completed political science studies from the Somali National University from 1983 to 1984. He has also served as Deputy Chairperson of the Somali Labour Union from 1977 to 1978.  Besides that, late Abdullahi Mohamed Sheegow was writer that have worked with UNESCO and SOSCENSA , The civil society organization of the Somalia South Central Non-State Actors. 
Furthermore, he has written and published a book titled “Support the Mother Language” (Afko Hooyo U HIILLI). 
Late Abdullahi Mohamed Sheegwo will be best long -remembered to have been a person encouraging building the capacity of the Somali young journalists and contributing to the efforts to improve their journalistic ethics and standard and advocating for the use of the Somali language to revive the Somali language and the cultural heritage.
“On behalf of the Somali Media Association (SOMA), I send my sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of late Abdullahi Mohamed Sheegow .” Mohamed Abduwahab, Secretary General of the Somali Media Association (SOMA) said.
“The Somali Media Association (SOMA) shares this sad feeling and loss to all Somali Journalists and with the family’s members of late Abdullahi Mohamed Sheegow” Mohamed Osman Makaran , Chairperson of SOMA said

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Somali Christian Passes Away in Addis Ababa

Last Updated on 17 January 2019

‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Rev. 21:4

Abdi Mizan Ahmad, 70, one of the most recognisable Somali Christians in Addis Ababa, passed away peacefully on 14 January 2019. Abdi was hospitalised about 20 days before succumbing to the fatal stroke that robbed him of his vitality. Abdi died after 7 days in coma.  

Abdi became a disciple of Christ in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 1983 after he was witnessed to by an American expat they met in Jeddah. Abdi has been a faithful follower of Christ since then, and he was known for his bold witness.

Abdi was a husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather. Abdi and his family have been living in Addis Ababa as refugees for over a decade. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees recognised Abdi and his family as refugees in 2015, and a resettlement program has been put in place for them. Abdi’s family will now leave Ethiopia without Abdi.

His wife, Anab survive Abdi, and ten adult children four of whom have been missing since 2012. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren also survive Abdi.

The Somali community of faith in Ethiopia, especially in Addis Ababa, are mourning because of the loss of this wonderful man of God.

While Abdi was a man of few words, he was known for his smile and funny jokes.

Please pray for the family Abdi left behind. May the heavenly Father comfort his physical and spiritual families.

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” 
Psalm 34:18

Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Legendary Somali Christian Goes to Heaven

SFJ, 14 October 2018
Updated 15 October 2018, 07:00 AM, GMT
Kismayo, Somalia

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26

Ali Sharif Ibrahim, 65, has peacefully passed away in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the early hours of 13 October 2018. He leaves behind in Addis Ababa a widow, two sons and a daughter. He is also survived by seven grown-up kids who live in three different continents.

Ali Sharif, as he is popularly known, was an author, hymnologist, evangelist, apologist and above all, a born-again disciple of Christ.

Ali Sharif was born and grew up in southern Somalia under the tutorage of his famous Muslim cleric, Sharif Ibrahim. Ali Sharif was a madrassa teacher in Mogadishu, and one of the most well-known Somali Sufi Muslim clerics in Addis Ababa before the Lord found him a decade ago.

Ali Sharif, a scholar of classical – Quranic Arabic and a fluent speaker of modern Arabic was larger than life figure in the Somali church in Ethiopia; his sermons are available online (mainly YouTube and Facebook) and was a respected expert on Christian – Muslim relations. Ali Sharif’s apologetics have led several Muslim fanatics to the Lord in Addis Ababa and beyond.

A house church pastor in Baidawa, southern Somalia, described Ali Sharif as her spiritual father who encouraged her in her walk with the Lord. A Mogadishu based church leader said that "the Somali church is like an orphan without Ali Sharif's earthly presence, but we will survive this huge loss because of the Lord." A Somali Christian with Somaliland’s Secret Service chronicled how Ali Sharif encouraged him in his faith when they both lived in Addis Ababa 7 years ago.

Somalis for Jesus received within 24 hours of Ali Sharif's passing 81 condolence messages mainly from Somali Christians in Somalia. Ali Sharif will be remembered for his in-depth knowledge of Islam, eloquence, courage, and a great sense of humour.

We belong to Lord Jesus Christ and to Him we return.     

Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

An Influential Churchman Dies in a Terror Attack in Mogadishu

24 July 2018

Somalis For Jesus

Al Shabab Islamists attacked an office complex shared by the Ministries of Interior and National Security on 07 July 2018. The terrorists first used a vehicle-borne bomb, and then three armed Islamists stormed the building killing and injuring dozens of government employees. Government security forces eventually neutralized the three militants.[1]

The only Christian who died in this terror attack came to the Lord in Mogadishu in 2000. The Somali Christian whom we would call “Guled” for security reasons was known for his hard work and integrity.
“Guled”, an intelligence analyst with the Ministry of National Security, joined the Ministry’s secret service unit in 2013.

“Guled” leaves behind a young family. The community of faith in Mogadishu is now encouraging and supporting the sad and heartbroken Christian widow and her children.

A prominent church leader in Mogadishu described “Guled” as “the backbone of his house church and a leading figure in the Somali church.” 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the grieving widow and her children. This is indeed a tough time for the family but the Lord is their sustainer and protector.

The widow of “Guled” said to church leaders who visited her a week after the death of her beloved husband,  
For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”
2 Corinthians 12:10. The widow also described how some Muslim family members and other relatives are putting intense pressure on her to renounce her faith and return to Islam. She has vehemently rejected to abandon Christ Jesus.

[1] Associated Press. At least nine killed in al-Shabaab car bomb attack in Somalia. The Guardian, 07 July 2018.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Shahiid Maxamed Xuseen Axmed

1951—3 April 1996

Xaaji waxa uu markii taariikhdu ahayd 1951 ku dhashay meesha la yidhaahdo Gar-Adag ee Gobolka Sanaag. Waxa uu ahaa nin deggan oo maskax badan isla markaasna jecel inuu ka faa’idaysto wakhtiga uu firaaqada leeyahay. Marka aanu wax baraynin, waxaa dabeecad u ahayd inuu wax akhriyo. Si badheedh ah ayuu isaga ilaalin jiray inaanu wakhtigiisa ku luminin doodaha ku salaysan siyaasadda ee maqaaxiyaha lagaga doodo. Degganaanshihiisa aawadeed, waxa lagu naanaysay "Xaaji" isagoo wiil yar ah, balse weligiis muu booqanin magaalada Maka ee ku taalla carriga Sacuudiga.

Isagoo dhallinyaro ah ayuu Xaaji u guuray Muqdisho isla markaana wuxuu darajo waxbarashada ah ka dhammaystay Kulliyaddii Lafoole. Wuxuu waxbaris ka bilaabay deegaannada woqooyiga Soomaaliya, mar danbena wuxuu wax ka dhigay dugsiyo ku yaalla koonfurta sida Qoryoolay iyo Kurtunwaarey. Muddo toban sano ah kadib markuu macallinnimo ku shaqeeyay, Xaaji waxa loo doortay inuu waxbarashadiisa Master-ka ku soo diyaariyo Jaamacadda Saskatchewan. Markuu ugu horrayntii yimid waddanka Kanada sanaddii 1980, Xaaji wuxuu ka shaki qabay inay jirto diin sax ahi.

Si kastaba ha ahaatee, intuu Jaamacadda wax ka baranaayay, Xaaji wuxuu la kulmay kuwo ka mid ah xerta taabacsan Ciise Masiix. Markhaatifurkooda awgiisna, waxa uu bilaabay inuu akhriyo Kitaabka Quduuska ah taasina waxay u horseedday inuu rumaystay Masiixa. Xaaji markii uu dib ugu laabtay Muqdisho sanadkii 1984, waxa uu borofisoor ka noqday qaybta horumarinta tacliinta iyo manhajka ee kulliyadda Lafoole. Waxa kale oo uu ka qaybgali jiray kulan caabudaad ah oo ay isugu iman jireen Soomaalida Masiixiyiinta ah ee wakhtigaas ku noolayd Muqdisho. Sidoo kale Xaaji waxa uu iimaankiisa la wadaagay kuwo ka mida qoyskiisa.

Markii dagaalka sokeeye ka qarxay Soomaaliya sanadkii 1991 kaddib, Xaaji dib uguma laabanin gobollada woqooyi ee uu ka soo jeeday balse wuxuu ku sii negaaday Muqdisho. Wuxuu u shaqeeyay ururro kala gedisan oo qaabilsan gargaarka bini-aadannimo, gaar ahaanna wuxuu kala shaqeeyay dhinaca waxbarashada. Sanadihii 1993 iyo 1994, Xaaji wuxuu koorsooyin tababbar ah u aaday magaaladii Nayroobi labada jeerbana wuxuu dib ugu laabtay Muqdisho si uu shaqadiisa ku aaddan waxbarashada halkaas uga sii ambo- qaado.

Labadii bilood ee ugu horreeyay sanadkii 1994, Xaaji wuxuu badanaa wakhtiyadiisa gelinka danbe la qaadan jiray Liibaan Ibraahin Xasan maadaama oo ay xafiisyadoodu isku meel ku yaalleen, waxayna falaqayn jireen mawduucyo la xidhiidha Kitaabka Quduuska ah. Bishii Maarso 21, Xaaji wuxuu subax hore ku soo kallahay shaqada isagoo maqaaxi ku dhow xafiiska fadhiyana, wuxuu arkayay Liibaan oo soo socda. Subaxdaas iyada ah Xaaji wuxuu u soo taagnaa fal naxdin leh oo ahaa in niman madaxa duubani ay Liibaan hortiisa ku dileen [halkan riix/guji si aad u akhrido taariikh-nololeedkii shahiid Liibaan].

Markii uu Xaaji seminaar kale u aaday Nayroobi dhammaadkii 1994, wuxuu tibaaxay inuu si weyn uga walaacsan yahay ammaankiisa maadaama oo dhaqdhaqaaqa xagjirku uu ku sii kordhaayay Muqdisho. Bishii Abriil 3, 1996, Xaaji Maxamed Xuseen waa la afduubay, isla maalintii xigtayna waxa maydkiisa laga helay guri kharaab ah oo u dhow halka uu gurigiisu ku yaallay.

Dhimashadiisii kaddib, xus isaga loogu sameeyay Nayroobi, waxa ka hadlay mid ka mida Soomaalida Masiixiyiinta ah oo yidhi: "Waxa jiray wakhti aan jarribaad ku galay inaan iimaankayga qariyo. Markii u danbaysay een isaga arkay, wuxuu igu adkeeyay inaanan marnaba dafirin rumaysadkayga Masiixa. Imika, dhimashadiisa kadib, waxaan rabaa inaan sidiisii oo kale geesi noqdo, haddii loo baahdana inaan u dhinto intii aan iska-dhigi lahaa inaanan Masiixi ahayn."

Sidoo kale xuskan dhexdiisa, waxa isna ka hadlay qof kale oo sheegay in Xaaji uu labadii bilood ee ugu danbaysay noloshiisa uu aad uga walaacsanaa hanjabaadaha kaga imanaayay xagjirka. Sidaasoo ay tahayna, marka la eego noloshiisa ruuxi ahaaneed, wuxuu aad ugu furnaa marag-furista, sidoo kalena si joogta ah oo xamaasad leh ayuu u tukan jirey. Waxa jiray qof shaqo cusub u helay Xaaji, laakiinse waxa ay ahayd isla toddobaadkii la dilay. Xaaji waxa uu ahaa Masiixigii Soomaaliyeed ee lixaad ee lagu dilo Muqdisho kadib dhimashadii Liibaan Ibraahim Xasan ee 21 Maarso 1994.

Xaaji wuxuu ahaa muwaadin Soomaaliyeed oo dhab ah, isla markaasna aan oggolaanin in cudurka qabyaaladdu uu saameeyo fikirkiisa iyo ficilladiisaba. Xitaa wuxuu sameeyay mashruuc baadhitaan ah oo xasaasi ah kuna salaysan xidhiidhka qabaabi’lka sanadkii 1987, waxaana gacan siinayay shan qalinjebiyayaal ah oo kale. Baadhitaankooda waxyaalihii ay ku heleeni waxay ahayd digniin cad oo ka digaysa khatarta qabyaaladda iyo inay burbur ku keeni doontay ummadda Soomaaliyeed. Muddo dhan 25 sano kadib, talo-bixintii uu Xaaji ku soo xidhay warbixintiisu waa mid ilaa maanta wax ku ool u ah isla sidii wakhtigii uu qoray. Haddii la dhaqan-gelin lahaana, waxay gacan weyn ka geysan lahayd heshiisiinta iyo dib-u-dhiska bulshada Soomaaliyeed.

Shaqadiisii xagga wax-barashada, Xaaji waxa uu ku muujiyay siduu u taabacsan yahay waxbarista Sayid Ciise Masiix oo xertiisa u sheegay inay jaarkooda u jeclaadaan sida ay naftooda u jecelyihiin oo kale, iyo in xitaa ay jeclaadaan cadaawayaashooda [Injiilka sida Matayos u qoray 5:43-46]. sida Matayos u qoray 5:43-46]. Waxa intaas dheer, isagoo muujiyay sida iimaankiisa uu ku qabo Masiixu uu uga yeelay muwaaddin wanaagsan, xataa haddii dawladdu dhacdo [Warqaddii rasuul Bawlos u qoray dadka Rooma 13:1-7]. 
[Warqaddii rasuul Bawlos u qoray dadka Rooma 13:1-7]. Xaaji wuxuu ahaa nabaddoon sida uu Sayid Ciise Masiix ku tilmaamay Wacdintii Buurta dusheeda [Matayos 5: 9-12]. 

Xaaji waxa uu ahaa nin is hoosaysiiya oo daacad uga hadla iintiisa. Sidoo kale wuxuu rumaysnaa inay muhiim tahay inay barayaasha ama macallimiintu dadka saameeyaan inta ay yar yihiin si loo arko is-beddel waxtar leh oo ka muuqda rumaysadka iyo dabeecaddaba.

Source: Nolosha Cusub

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Gabay: Markhaatifur

Anigoo dhawaan safar dhulka ah kaga soo baxay Hargeisa kuna sii jeeda Berbera ayaan waxaan ku leexday tuulada Macalinkeed Disho oo aan habeen ku hoyday. Anigoo hurdadu meel wacan ii marayso ayaan riyo ku arkay walaashay, xagga ruuxa, Dr. Maryan Cabdullaahi Macalin Maxamed, oo 14 October ee sanadkan ku geeriyootay kharixii ka dhacay Zope. Waxay isoo fartay gabaygan in aan gaarsiiyo Soomaalida.

Dib u eegistii 1aad, 02 November 2017

Maryan ma ahayn Masiixi iyo waxaan, maqlayay maalmahan
Uu maqaal ku soo qoray Bashiir[1], meel walbana geeyay
Ii masabidaayaan gartaa, maalinya habeene
Milgaheeda yaan doonayaa, inaan mar uun sheego
I dhegaysta anigaa murtida, Eebbe igu miisay

Maro kuma xirna oo Bashiir, wuu mutuxan yahay
Ma wakiil ayuu iga yahoo, wuu i matalaayay?
Mindirraacintiisiyo bal eeg, iyo miraafkiisa
Is miidaamintiisan arkaa, meelna loo dayine
Miyuu gacan madoobaadayoo, waa musallif ruuxu?

Muslim Shaaficiya yaan ahaa, aan mala lahayne
Afar sanno mar laga joogo yaan, raacayna Masiixa
Magaciisu iga mayr dembigi, waanan mahadshaaye
Ku mutaystay jannadaan hedeer, aan mushaaxayaaye
Eebbaan ku mahadinahayaa, maqaamka aan joogo

Ina Maxamad aabbahy hadduu, Muslim igu sheegay
Magaciis ha raagee haddii, murugo ay saaqday
In Islaamku uu yahay muquuf, waa mid uu garane
Muqdishuu ku noolyahoo haddeer, la is muquunshaaye
Muslim laaya Muslimiinta yaa, meel walbaba taagan

Ehelkayga mid yaan oranayaa, werefku meermeershay
War Masiixa aamina intaan, maydku idin taaban
Maxamaddiyaddu diin maahine, maqla digniintayda
Waxaa lagu mutaysanahayaa, moolkii naareede
Ka soo baxa mirifkeeda oo, raacana Masiixa

Soomaali Maxamaday i maqal, haygana mashquulin
Muunad beel waxaa idinku riday, madax adayg baase
Hadaad Maxamad diidaan mar hore, raacdaana Masiixa
Muusannawgu wuu hari lahaa, Eebbe maragtiiye
Nabad iyo muwaafaqo ayaad, mudan lahaydeene

Sayiddii Masiixii ayaan, joogaa midigtiisa
I maashayday farxadoo ma qabo, murugoo idile
Maqsuud yaan runtii ahay hadeer, waana loo marage
Muslimnimo kumaan dhimanine, Eebbe mahadiise
Anigoo Masiixiya ayuu, mawdku i haleelay

In Masiixi aan ahay anigu, mar hore cadaystay
Mana dafarin weligay, anigu Macalin Nuurkeeye
Maskax yaanse leeyahoo runtii, aan miciin sadaye
Marinada  lamaan taagnahayn, milladda taydaaye
Garaadkaynu magansanuu na baray, Macalinkeenniiye

Rev. Sabaah Mohamed Omaar
Somalia Director, Somalis For Jesus

[1] Bashiir M. Xersi. Maryan Ma Ahayn Masiixiyad. 2017. Waxaan daalacday 01 November 2017.