Friday, October 27, 2017

A Prominent Somali Christian Killed in Mogadishu Truck Bomb Attack

Al Shabab Islamists detonated a truck bomb in a busy intersection in the heart of the Somali capital on Saturday afternoon, 14 October 2017. The Associated Press (AP), quoting Somali government sources, put the number of dead about 350, a figure that is destined to rise as many dead victims are still buried under mountains of rubble. Many of the hundreds of the wounded victims would succumb to their grave injuries. This major bombing was the third explosion in the city on that fateful day but the largest single-day massacre Somalia has ever witnessed.

Several Somali Christians died in the attack including Fardawza Haji Hilowle Jama, 39, and her two minor children and Dr. Maryan Abdullahi Mo'alim Mohamed Geddi, 22, who died on the eve of her planned graduation from a medical school. Dr. Maryan attended a local house-church in the center of the capital and played a significant role in the raising and the distribution of drought relief funds in the last two years. An article by the New York Times described Dr. Mayan as a “rising star.”[1]

Dr. Maryan is a relative of the late Somali Christian evangelist, Ali Mustaf Maka’il, who was shot and killed in Mogadishu at the age of 22 in 2006 by the now-defunct Union of Islamic Courts, Al Shabab's predecessor[2]. There are eight missing Somali Christians who were around Zope Street at the time of the explosion. No one knows where they are, but they presumed dead. The verified injured Somali Christians are eleven including four children.

Our prayers are with all the victims and their families during this difficult time.

[1] The New York Times, It's a Dark Day for Us': Somalia Reels From Deadliest Blast. 15 October 2017., accessed 16 October 2017.

[2], Voice of the Martyrs Canada, Convert to Christianity Martyred. 20 September 2006., accessed 16 October 2017.


keyse Mire said...

if this article is confirmed it will be a turning point and could even create divisions among the mourners of zoppe massacre but I do not condone such barbaric act . while at the same time cannot accept that a Religion other than ISLAM SHOULD be spread among our community already dead on so many aspects except their faith !!

Anonymous said...

Dr Maryan isku kaniisad guriyeed ayaan ka tirsanayn ugu yaraan sanad iyo bar. Aniga 6 bil qiyaastii ayay iga soo horaysay. Aniga waxaa Masiixinimada igu wacdiyay Dr Maryan oo aan muddo saaxiibo ahayn. Dadka inantan ku sheegaya Muslim waa kuwo aan xaqiiqda la socon ama xishood iyo cabsi runta u qaloocinaya. Dr Maryan waxay ahayd inan aad u wanaagsan oo reera cibaado ah.

Anonymous said...

Kaniisad guriyeedka xageey ku taalaa sxb meel iigu sheeg

Somalis For Jesus .SFJ said...

Kiniisado-guriyeed tiro ah ayaa ku yaal Xamar marka in aan mid farta kuugu fiiqo waxaa ka dhalan kartaa amni xumo. In aad Somali quman tahay iyo in aad tahay xagjir Jihad doon ay tolow yaa ii kala sheega!

Anonymous said...

Sxb meelo badan ayay daganaayeen missionkii sida:- JAMAAME, MARKA, BUULOB BURTE, JALALAQSI, JOWHAR, XAMAR. dad badana way ku xirnaayeen waxaan ka xusuustaa CUMAR SWEDEN IYO SHAATOOS. dadkaasi ma dhamaadeen mise dibadaheey aadeen?