Saturday, May 29, 2004

A Media 'Merry Christmas': Mums The Word

The Barnabas Fund, a UK-based human rights organization, is trying to bring attention to an unreported situation in Somalia. Crimes against Christians and westerners is on the rise, which will lead to further isolation of the country and the increase of Islamic fundamentalism.

Somalia is 99.5% Muslim and 0.5% Christian.

The tiny minority is being swallowed up by the murderous hatred of those following the the 't'. An Islamist group in Mogadishu, Kulanka Culimada, issued a statement early last year stating that all Somali Christians were apostates from Islam and should be killed.

Now...have you heard any of this in the media? I didn't think so.

According to CNSNews, the Barnabas Fund, which works among Christians in Islamic nations, purported the threats were prompted by the Christian decision to send delegates to peace talks, which are currently being held in neighboring Kenya. Just like their cousins, the palestinians...'lovers' of peace.

It's amazing how very blatant the anti-Christian bias is in the major media worldwide. For anyone else, they take out their violins. For Christians, they put in their earplugs...and put on their blinders.

I guess it's a media 'Merry Christmas'...mums the word.

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