Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Christian Pastor Burnt Alive in Somalia

(VOM) Pastor Shueb Maalim Madkheyr was killed and his body burned beyond recognition on April 25 in the Dinsor district in southern Somalia, according to reports received this week by Voice of the Martyrs.

Starting in mid-April, Pastor Shueb had been going into villages in the area, seeking to plant underground churches and sharing the Gospel with teenagers. Word began to spread that Shueb was teaching the Bible to children. On April 25, he was confronted by two armed men and accused of poisoning the minds of young teenagers. According to witnesses, a heated discussion on religion ensued. One of the armed men then shot and killed him. It is believed that the armed men may have been part of an Islamic militia group.

Pastor Shueb was married to Dhaba Dimbile and had five children between the ages of eight months and thirteen years. He was actively involved with the Kenyan office of World in Need, working in relief work as a way to spread the Gospel.

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