Thursday, July 01, 2004

Verbatim: UAE

[28 June 2004]

May i thank my almightly God Jesus Christ..that gave me this Golden chance to know about you and write this short message for you ...
i wanna introduce myself for you:

Iam Called Mohamed … . I am a college student . live in United arab Emirates ….
i believed in Jesus as a Real god who sacrificed his Holy Blood For me and for all Mankind before one year.
Jesus found me and picked up me...after long period to know the truth about the God when i was child. and as i told u i spend whole my life in Emirates...even my Mother born in …and grandmother too...and my father born in . thats make me strong in islam and arabic language...
i read quran and some stroies abt Moses , Ibrahim , dawod , solomom...and lastly the Messiah ( christos )....i found him different from other prophets and completely different from mohammed ( prophet of islam )....and after very long story will take long time to recite it...i believed in Jesus as my savior .
Til now nobody know that iam christian ..and u know why...even my family...although they suspected ...i have few christian friends and their families....god sent them for be with me...thanx God that i have Paltalk that facilitate for me to comunicate with arab christians outside arabian coutries....coz u know these arab will everybody reject mohammed as prophet.....we cant talk , cant live like other people.
and i know that Somalia 100 % muslim....i wrote in yahoo ( somali christian )...i shocked when i found you and other christians somalis....and it not by chance but from our Qeddus Holy God.When i go visit my homeland …i met an elder Somali women called … and belong to christian somali family...and i heard that 40 families in british somaliland converted to christiansity before independance...and now i dont know anything about them...
Now i belong to …church...although i didnt baptized...because it forbiden to convert any muslim to when i finish my studies after one year i will travel to any countery for baptism....Pray for me dear
finally dear.....i proud of you and any Somali know the real God our beloved Yesus Christos
and hope that reply to my message and keep a comunicate with each other....and to know more about Somalis christians...all over the world.

May God Bless You richly,


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