Saturday, October 22, 2005

Muslim Radicals or Muslim Resolutes?-

"Christian persecution in Islamic Somalia is on the rise, and humanitarian aid workers from the West are also under attack by Muslim radicals, according to a Christian human rights organization. . . .

A regional observer here said crimes against Christians and Westerners would likely lead to further isolation of Somalia, and also accelerate the growth of Islamic fundamentalism there. . .

Early last year an extremist Islamist group in Mogadishu called Kulanka Culimada issued a statement saying all Somali Christians were apostates from Islam and should be killed." (Crosswalk, 12/24/03).

To be politically correct, Muslims who persecute Christians must be referred to as radicals. Otherwise it would be offensive to Muslims in predominately Christian nations.

That will work only as long as Muslims are in the minority. Radical reaction of Muslims to non-Muslims is common. -WWM


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