Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kenyan Church Plans Missions into Somalia

The Free Pentecostal Fellowship church in Kenya (FPFK) is working out ways to send missionaries and social workers to the war torn countries of Sudan and Somalia as a way of bestowing peace in the areas, said a senior cleric of the FPFK Sunday.

FPFK general secretary John Kitur explained that the envisaged missionary venture to Sudan and Somalia was part of the church`s golden jubilee to be celebrated later this year.

Kitur told a Sunday service here that there was need for evangelism in the continent, "to ensure steadfast growth, both spiritually and economically."

The Christian church should be in the forefront of fostering peace in Africa, he said. The church, started by Norwegian missionaries, is celebrating its golden jubilee next week. It has offered various social and community development services such us building schools and churches in rural Nyanza and Rift valley provinces.

The last 50 years have seen FPFK grow from a small mission station to a modest congregation of over 50,000 members with 120 registered churches across the country, said Kitur.

Source: Angola Press

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