Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bin Laden urges overthrow of Somali leader

An undated recent file picture of Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden in an undisclosed location inside Afghanistan. Bin Laden called on radical Islamists in Somalia to overthrow new President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, according to an audiotape posted on the Internet on Thursday.



Thursday, March 19, 2009

DUBAI (AFP) - Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden called on radical Islamists in Somalia to overthrow new President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, according to an audiotape posted on the Internet on Thursday.

Ahmed, a moderate Islamist, was elected president of the war-ravaged African state in January following UN-brokered reconciliation talks but faces a tough task to bring peace to a country wracked by civil war since 1991.

"This Sheikh Sharif... must be fought and toppled," bin Laden said in a message addressed to the "champions of Somalia," the third audiotape attributed to bin Laden that has been broadcast this year.

"He is like the (Arab) presidents who are in the pay of our enemies," he said in the tape, whose authenticity could not be immediately confirmed.

Somalia has had no effective central authority since the 1991 ouster of former president Mohamed Siad Barre touched off a bloody cycle of clashes between rival factions.

Bin Laden said Ahmed has "changed and turned on his heels" as a result of American "enticements", and agreed to mix Islamic sharia law with civic laws in the troubled Horn of Africa country.

"My Muslim brothers in Somalia: you must beware of the initiatives which wear the dress of Islam," he said.

The Somali cabinet agreed on Tuesday to introduce Islamic law, a move Ahmed said was "to ensure that he who claims that he is fighting to have sharia no longer has a reason to fight."

Islamist fighters including the hardline Shebab militia have waged battles against the government and its allies since and before Ahmed came to power, vowing to fight until all foreign forces withdraw and sharia law is imposed.

The Shebab is a hardline Islamist organisation opposed to Ahmed's national unity government and which controls large swathes of Somalia.

It re-took several towns in southern and central Somalia in battles against the Ethiopia-backed Somali troops who ousted their movement in early 2007. Ethiopian forces pulled out of Somalia in January, ending an ill-fated two-year intervention.

Thursday's message from bin Laden -- who has a 25 million dollar US bounty on his head -- was given in an 11-minute video issued by Al-Qaeda's media arm which contains only the voice of the Al-Qaeda chief.

In the previous bin Laden recording on Saturday, the terrorist mastermind accused some Arab leaders of being "complicit" with Israel and the West against Muslims and urged holy war to liberate the Palestinian territories.

He issued a similar call in a tape issued in January just days before US President Barack Obama took office -- the first voice recording of the Western world's most wanted man in eight months.

Obama said at the time that Al-Qaeda and bin Laden -- who is believed to be hiding in the mountainous region along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border -- remained the "number one threat" to US security.

Source: AFP, Mar 19, 2009

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Anonymous said...

hey iam a fellow somalian just wondering if this is site to promote negative information about islam.If it is then you said that President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed is a 'a moderate Islamist' who has inforced sharia in the country. Also Al-Shabaab still wants to overthrow the goverment although they are acting on sharia well that just proves that Al-Shabaab is a buch of fanatic not people showing the message of Islam.

I saying that Al-shabaab give islam a bad name and that is like saying that CHRISTIAN's kill children who's mother dies in child birth in the name of Christianity.THAT SOUNDS CRAZY DOES'T it well it happens they do in countries like Nigeria. I know you would condem this like anyone would but i think it does not help that fact you are not showing that somalia has its good point like nice people (muslim and non-muslims alike).Did that prophet Mohammed lived along side jews peacefully because they had an agreement.I hope you as a website do something to help the country that is in a crisis that is caused by the ignorant fantics such as Al-shabaab so peace to you all as Islam teaches.

peace ;]