Saturday, June 26, 2010

Al Shabab threatens to disrupt Somaliland elections

Friday, June 25, 2010

APA-Mogadishu-(Somalia) As people in the breakaway Republic of Somaliland are due to go to the polls to elect a new president on Saturday, the leader of the Al Qaeda-proxy in Somalia Al Shabab, Sheikh Ahmed Abdi Godane on Thursday warned the people of Somaliland against casting their votes in the elections.

Sheikh Godane, also known as Muqtar Abu Zubeyr, who sent an audio tape message to local media said that people in Somaliland will face dire consequences if they go out to cast their votes in the presidential elections on Saturday.

“We are warning the people in Somaliland against taking part in the elections, because democracy is totally against Islamic law and what we are fighting for is to implement Islam in Somalia,” said Abu Zubeyr, who himself descended from the northern Somali region.

Al Shabab, the Al Qaeda branch in the Horn of Africa region says it is fighting to introduce Islamic law in Somalia and then spread it through the continent and the entire world.

The message from the Al Shabab boss comes as police and military forces in the breakaway Republic of Somaliland have been put on high alert for the past several days in a bid to prevent violence both before and during the forthcoming presidential elections.

Somaliland announced its independence from the rest of Somalia on 18th May 1991, just months after the fall of the then Somali government. The region is relatively peaceful in comparison to the rest of Somalia, but it still lacks international recognition as an independent state.

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