Thursday, July 01, 2004

Verbatim: Norway

25 May 2004

Hello brother,

I am Paul ...(formerly Saeed ...). I too am a Somali. I
was born in ...,Saudi Arabia, in.... When I was 8 my mom sent me to
... to a boarding school. In 1986 (same year as yourself), I had an
out of body experience where I saw the Lord Jesus Christ. I became a Christian
and shared the same family rejection as you did. I was threatened with
execution if I returned to Saudi Arabia.
In 1990 I came to ..., Norway, and today I am an international
evenagelist. I just returned from a two year world missionary tour
through India, Kenya, England and the USA. I have always been praying for a
website [] like this and my prayers have been answered.

God bless you for your love of Jesus. Be blessed.

Don't ever be afraid. Greater is He that is in us then he thats in the world I John 4:4

Evangelist Paul

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