Thursday, July 01, 2004

Verbatim: USA

27 December 2003

iska waran,

Oh I am so glad to get your mail. Unfortunately i cant
somali as good as you do but i can read it. I would love to know when
to call you so i can speak to you and ... Do you have any children.
Is your ... christian too and how do you feel as a christian. Do other
somalis in ... or around ... know or do you hide it . Sorry for such
questions but you know where we are from and the hostile behaviour
towards christians. I would love it if you send christian materials for me for
new beginers. I desire to know more about the lord . I am still learing and
please pray for me so i would become a better person ..... Sometimes i am not sure and you get scared but please pray for me. Tell me when to call and i will call.


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