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SFJ! Press Release on the Death of Sheik Ibrahim Mohamed Ali

Sheik Ibrahim Mohamed Ali (b. 1923) passed away in Hargeisa, in the break away region of Somaliland, on 02
March 2009. SFJ! wants to take this opportunity to highlight the conduct and the character of this firebrand militant Somali religious leader.

Sheik Ibrahim Suley, as he is commonly known, was a founding member of the fiercely anti Christian Mogadishu based organization known as Kulanka Culimada1 (i.e. the Council of the Muslim Religious Leaders).

This infamous Kulanka Culimada is best known for its anti Christian outbursts the group calls fatwa (religious edict) some of which are reproduced below:

  1. Somali Christians are apostates from Islam and they must be put to death
  2. Somali Christians can neither inherit nor be inherited
  3. Married Somali Christians are divorced from their spouses
  4. Somali Christians have no rights in Islamic Somalia
  5. Somali Christians will not be buried in Somalia upon their death

The above fatwa was signed in 2003 by fourteen influential Muslim religious leaders2 belonging to the Kulanka Culimada. Sheik Ibrahim Suley was not one of the signatories as he was bedridden at the time because of stroke he suffered in 1997.

This fatwa also warned that Somali Christians outside the country will be executed if they returned to Somalia.3

A prominent Somali Christian, Prof Haji Mohamed Hussein, was kidnapped and then assassinated on 03 April 1996 in the Somali capital. Al Itihad al Islami, a member of the Kulanka Culimada, claimed to be behind the assassination. Al Itihad al Islami claimed that Hussein was the last Christian in Somalia and they will now target Somali Christians in Nairobi, Kenya4.

The Kulanka Culimada said in 2003 "all Somali Christians must be killed according to Islamic law. A Muslim can never become a Christian but he can become an apostate…and we will slaughter them."5

Christians killed by Kulanka Culimada or their affiliates, like the Al Qaeda linked Al Shabab, include:


1. Liibaan Ibrahim Hassan (1994)
2. Prof. Haji Mohamed Hussein (1994)
3. Ahmed Ayntow Gobe (1994)
4. Saleban Mohamed Saleban (1994)
5. Mohamed Sheikdon Jama (1996)
6. Faarah Ibraahim Adaawe (2000)
7. Shueb Maalim Madkheyr (2004)
8. Dr. Osman Sheik Ahmed (2005)
9. Mariam Mohammed Hassan (2005)
10. Pastor Hussein Adan Ahmed (2006)
11. Ali Mustaf Maka'il (2006)
12. Hassan Mo'alim (2008)
13. Mohamed Yusuf (2008)
14. Ahmadey Nur Osman (2008)
15. Mansuur Mohamed (2008)
16. Sayid Ali Sheik Luqman Hussein (2008)
17. David Abdulwahab Mohamed Ali (2008)
18. Nur Osman Muhuji (2008)
19. Prof. Da'ud Hassan Ali (2008) - British citizen of Somali origin
20. Rehana Ahmed (2008) - British citizen of Somali origin


1. Verena Karer (2002) – Swiss
2. Dr. Annalena Tonelli (2003) - Italian
3. Dick Eyeington (2003) - British
4. Enid Eyeington (2003) – British
5. Martin Jutzi (2003) - Swiss
6. Sister Leonella Sgorbita (2006) – Italian
7. Gilford Koech (2008) - Kenyan
8. Andrew Kibet (2008) – Kenyan

Sheik Ibrahim Suley leaves this world with Christian blood on his hands and hatred in his heart for the Somali church; today he faces His just Maker.

Foot notes

  1. Kulanka Culimada was founded in February 1991 in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. Its original members included Al Itihad, Al Akwan al Muslimin (The Muslim Brotherhood),Union of Islamic Courts, and other fundamentalist groups and individuals.
  2. The signatories were:

    (i) Sheik Hassan Ali Alasow known as Sheik Hassan Adeh

    (ii) Sheik Mohamed Sheik Abdisalan known as Sheik Mohamed Guud

    (iii) Sheik Abdulahi Minhaaj

    (iv) Sheik Nur Barud Gurhan, the Chairman of the Kulanka Culimada

    (v) Sheik Mohamud Awale

    (vi) Sheik Muse Agaweyne

    (vii) Sheik Husein Alasow Basey

    (viii) Sheik Abdulahi Omar Nur

    (ix) Sheik Abdisalan Hussein Ali

    (x) Sheik Omar Mo'alim Nur

    (xi) Sheik Abdirahman Sheik Abukar

    (xii) Sheik Ahmed Faarah Mohamed

    (xiii) Sheik Ali Sheikow

    (xiv) Sheik Ahmed Ali Osman.

  3. Somaaljecel News
  4. EPM Resources – Martyrdom or Genocide?

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