Friday, April 01, 2016

Condolences: Abdirahman Mohamed Nur

Initial Update

A long time Somali Christian has  passed away in the US on 23 March 2016. Abdirahman  Mohamed Nur (Abdirahman Indhole), 63, who hails from Hargeisa, Somaliland, spent many years in Addis Ababa before he moved to the US with his family.

Abdirahman will be remembered for his love for the Lord and his active ministry among Somalis in the Horn of Africa and in North America.

Abdirahman, a former medical lab technician, lost his sight during  the early years of the Somali civil war. Sources confirmed to SFJ that Abdirahman’s drink was spiked to kill him because of his faith, he survived the attempted murder but lost his sight.

Abdirahman, a fervent hymnologist, will also be remembered for his unique love for the Somali hymn, “Adigaa Iftiinkayga Ciise Masiix”,“You are my light, Jesus the Messiah.”

Abdirahman struggled with liver issues, high blood pressure and diabetes since 2014.

Our prayers are with his family and the Somali church.


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