Monday, April 04, 2016

Condolences: Dr. Omar Elmi Dihod

Dr. Omar Elmi Dihod, 67, passed away on 02 April 2016 in Hargeisa Somaliland.
Dr. Omar, the only visible Christian in the Somali politics since the last 26 years died unexpectedly.

Dr. Omar who held British citizenship was a colonel in the Somali military under the military regime of General Mohamed Siyad Barreh. Dr. Omar, a medical doctor,  who was serving as an advisor to the Somaliland president before his untimely death, was an outspoken Christian leader and peace activist. He is remembered for being one of the leaders who pacified Somaliland when it declared its unilateral independence from Somalia.

Dr. Omar, a fearless disciple of Christ, used Christian principles of forgiveness, loving one’s enemies and helping the needy to unite the people of Somaliland.

Despite his enormous contributions to the Somali people all over the world, Dr. Omar was a regular recipient of death threats because of his Christian faith in a predominately Muslim population.

Key Somali Christian leaders who contacted SFJ expressed concern that Dr. Omar’s untimely death may not be natural; they are requesting from the Somaliland government to investigate Dr. Omar’s death.

Dr. Omar lost his sight 26 years ago under suspicious circumstances.

Dr. Omar, an eloquent speaker of the Somali language, was a gifted communicator who had many admirers (as well as detractors) all over the world.

Dr. Omar will be missed by his family, friends, and the Somali church as well as the Somali speaking people wherever they are.

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